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When my mother was my age, she had a nervous breakdown. I keep wondering, "Is it my turn now?"

Join Lisa-Marie Newton, along with the Tom Shaw Trio (Tom Shaw on piano/vocals, John Greitzer on bass, Roberta Drake on drums), as she checks-in with how her own midlife crisis is going. From a mean voice teacher, to a cancer diagnosis, to the current pandemic, Lisa-Marie confronts all her breakdowns with humor and music.

Featuring a diverse list of songs from artists like Patsy Cline, The Rolling Stones, and Billie Holliday, and from a wide range of shows, such as Tales of Hoffmann, the opera, New York, New York, and Dear Evan Hansen.

About the Show

Lisa-Marie_Newton_2021_286_ copy 2.jpg
Lisa-Marie Newton in Songs of Midlife Madness
Lisa-Marie Newton in Songs of Midlife Madness

Photos by Ben Krantz Studio

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